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Guests a2z

"Eight is Enough" Notable Guests A-Z

  1. Abe Vigoda "The Final Days"
  2. Adrienne Barbeau "Turnabout"
  3. Amy Gibson "My Son, The Prom Queen"
  4. Barry Van Dyke "Cinderella's Understudy"
  5. Beth Howland "Is There a Doctor in the House?"
  6. Bonnie Bartlett "Idolbreaker"
  7. Bruce Solomon "Arrivals"
  8. Bubba Smith "Jeremy"
  9. Catherine Hickland "Marriage and Other Flights of Fancy"
  10. Charlene Tilton "Women, Ducks and the Domino Theory"
  11. Christopher Connelly "Memories"
  12. Cliff Norton "You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore"
  13. Corey Feldman "Cops and Toddlers"
  14. Dana Elcar "Roll Over Bradford"
  15. Danny Bonaduce "A Hair of the Dog"
  16. David Wayne "Fathers and Other Strangers"
  17. Dennis Patrick "All the Vice-President's Men", "Children of the Groom", "Inlaws and Outlaws"
  18. Diane McBain "Yet Another Seven Days in February"
  19. Don Johnson "Trial Marriage"
  20. Don Matheson "A Matter of Mentors", "Starting Over", "Turnabout"
  21. Dorian Harewood "All's Fair in Love and War"
  22. Earl Boen "Cinderella's Understudy"
  23. Ellen Travolta "Schusboomer", "You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore"
  24. Eric Olson "A Hair of the Dog"
  25. Gerald McRaney "Mortgage Burnin' Blues"
  26. Heather Locklear "Yet Another Seven Days in February"
  27. Henry Polic "War Between the Bradfords"
  28. Herb Shriner Jr. "The Gipper Caper"
  29. Hope Alexander-Willis "Cinderella's Understudy"
  30. Jack Elam "The Return of Joe Simons", "You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore"
  31. Jack Riley "Bradfordgate"
  32. Jack Somack "The Flunked and the Funked"
  33. James B. Sikking "Pieces of Eight"
  34. James Cromwell "The Better Part of Valor"
  35. James Karen "Big Shoes, Little Feat" and several more episodes, "The Final Days"
  36. Janis Paige "Official Positions", "The Return of Auntie V", "V is for Vivian"
  37. Jeffrey Byron "And Baby Makes Nine"
  38. Jeffrey Cotler in several episodes
  39. Jim McKrell "Yet Another Seven Days in February"
  40. Jimmy Van Patten "The Lost Weekend"
  41. Jerry Lacy "The Graduates"
  42. Joe Regalbuto "Seven More Days in February"
  43. Joel Brooks "Starting Over"
  44. John Crawford "Semi-Centennial Bradford"
  45. John Lone "Letter to One Bradford"
  46. Jonathan Frakes "Separate Ways"
  47. Judy Strangis "Yes Nicholas, there is a Santa Claus"
  48. Julia Duffy "Ten Ships in the Night"
  49. Kari Michaelsen "Vows"
  50. Keene Curtis "Just the Ten Of Us"
  51. Keith Mitchell "A Little Triangle", "The Kid Who Came to Dinner"
  52. Kin Shriner uncredited bit part in one of the episodes featuring a football team (he was on the opposing team)
  53. Larry Breeding "A Matter of Mentors"
  54. Laura Johnson "Idolbreaker"
  55. Laurence Lau "Generations"
  56. Lucille Benson, "You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore"
  57. Margaret Ladd "The Best Little Telethon in Sacramento"
  58. Markie Post "The Commitment"
  59. Meeno Peluce "Who's On First?"
  60. Melody Thomas "My Son, The Prom Queen"
  61. Michael Talbott "Father Knows Best"
  62. Michele Greene "Roll Over Bradford" and other episodes
  63. Missy Gold "Best of Friends"
  64. Monte Markham "A Matter of Mentors"
  65. Nels Van Patten "Memories", "Moving Out"
  66. Nicholas Hammond "Yes Nicholas, there is a Santa Claus"
  67. Nicholas Pryor in several episodes
  68. Noah Beery Jr. "Marriage and Other Flights of Fancy"
  69. Noah Hathaway "And Baby Makes Nine"
  70. Peter Horton "Mary, He's Married", "Mother's Rule"
  71. Richard Cox "Cinderella's Understudy"
  72. Richard Herd "The Better Part of Valor"
  73. Richard Kline "Children of the Groom"
  74. Richard Paul "Strike"
  75. Robin Williams "The Return of Auntie V"
  76. Rosanna Arquette "Best of Friends"
  77. Shawn Stevens "Brotherhood, Sisterhood" and "Seven More Days in February"
  78. Stephanie Kramer "Seven Days in February"
  79. Stephen Burns "The Better Part of Valor"
  80. Stoney Jackson "Bradford Vs. Bradford", "Official Positions"
  81. Sylvia Sidney "Children of the Groom"
  82. Ted Jordan "War Between the Bradfords"
  83. Terry Lester "The Cupid Crisis"
  84. The New York Mets members Ray Burris, John Stearns, Pat Zachry, Ron Hodges, Doug Flynn, Steve Henderson, Neil Allen, and Joel Youngblood "And Baby Makes Nine"
  85. Timmy Van Patten "The Lost Weekend",
  86. Todd Susman "War Between the Bradfords"
  87. Tracey Gold "Best of Friends"
  88. Vernee Watson "Welcome to Memorial Dr. Bradford"
  89. Veronica Redd "Official Positions"
  90. Wayne Northrop "The Return of Auntie V"
  91. Will Geer "Yes Nicholas, there is a Santa Claus"

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