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Season 3p1

Eight is Enough Season 3

Eight is Enough Season Three 1978 - 1979

Dates are mostly from memory, but can be off a week or two. Firstrun dates usually follow a pattern of Sep-Dec, then 2-week reruns in late Dec, then firstruns Jan-early Mar, reruns, then May firstruns. If you know of actual dates or have other stuff to add, please let me know By E-mail and I'll put them in. Thank you. One original episode aired in August 1977, though my memory is fuzzy in remembering the date.

#36 Who's Crazy Here?

  • Suffering from insomnia and thinking he's going nuts, Tom visits a psychiatrist to find the cause.
  • Tommy develops two personalities, "disco kid" and "mellow man", to impress the two girls he is dating.
  • Tom's sneaking around leads Abby to believe that he may be having an affair.

    Original Air Date: Sep 6, 1978 (date according to imdb, anothe source says Sep 13)

    Guests: Millie Slavin, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, Susan Jayne Jacoby, Dawn Jeffory, June Christopher

    #37 Nine is Too Much

  • Nicholas convinces Tom to coach his little league baseball team.
  • Tired of having no privacy, the Bradford children have their own phone line installed.
  • Tom resigns as little league coach because of pushy parents but becomes a pushy parent himself when Abby takes over as the coach.

    Original Air Date: Sep 13, 1978 (date according to imdb, another source gives Sep 6)

    Guests: Rod Browning, Peggy Pope, J.A. Preston, James Karen, Elliott Street, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, Phillip Tanzini, Jack Perkins

    #38 Here We Go Again/Oh, No...Not Again!

  • Abby has her own problems when she thinks she may be pregnant and is reluctant to tell Tom.
  • Tom panics when he finds out he is going to be audited by the I.R.S., and the family pitches in for help.
  • Nicholas plays post office for the first time.

    Original Air Date: Sep 20, 1978

    Guests: Anita Dangler, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, George Pentecost, Joe Hecht

    #39 Cinderella's Understudy

  • Joannie gets accepted into a theater company and her first role is that of gopher and understudy.
  • When the lead actress quits the play, Joannie has 24 hours to learn her lines and is unaware that Tom will be reviewing the play for the vacationing drama critic.
  • The Bradford children try to make Abby feel guilty about not sharing her car with the family.
  • Susan tries to impress a new man with Abby's car.
  • Nicholas can't get away from a girl who has a crush on him.

    Original Air Date: Sep 27, 1978 (confirmed!)

    Guests: ***Barry Van Dyke***, ***Richard Cox***, ***Hope Alexander-Willis*** as Diana, ***Earl Boen***, Tony Haig, Marie Lillo, Alan Mandell, Nicki Armstrong

    #40 Milk and Sympathy

  • Nicholas has a crush on his teacher and buys her self-portrait at her garage sale, but tries to hide it from the kids, who think there is a valuable painting underneath.
  • The Bradfords believe Nicholas's painting may be worth a fortune and dream about how they would spend their millions if it is.
  • Tommy's chances with a popular girl are hurt when he contracts trench mouth.

    Original Air Date: Oct 11, 1978

    Guests: Andrea Howard, Michael Thoma, Chip Lucia, Jeffrey Coder, Dana Kimmeil

    #41 The Flunked and the Funked

  • Tom is chosen to teach a journalism class at the university and is impressed by one student who is working his way through college.
  • Nicholas and Irving, who are making prank calls, receive their own from David and Tommy.
  • Tom is disappointed when Nancy flunks out of college and decides to drop out to find a job, but she doesn't appreciate it when he pulls strings to get her back in. Tom finally helps her get a job interview.

    Original Air Date: Oct 18, 1978

    Guests: Justin Lord, ***Jack Somack***, Jennifer Darling, Robert Kya-Hill, ***Jeffrey Cotler*** as Irving J. Moore, Jeen Howell, Fred Downs

    #42 Cops and Toddlers

  • Susan struggles to find the right career after she realizes she's not cut out to be a professional athlete. So she decides to try out to become a cop.
  • Nancy opens a day care center at the Bradford house, but soon discovers that she's not good with kids.
  • While she fails the written test for the cop job, Susan helps Nancy control the kids, who are running amok, and finds that she likes it enough to go back to school as an education major.
  • Joannie makes David's girlfriend jealous when she practices lines from her new play in David's apartment.

    Original Air Date: Oct 25, 1978 (confirmed date!)

    Guests: Deirdre Berthrong, Wyatt Johnson, Tracy Justrich, Heather Hobbs, Page Taylor, ***Corey Feldman***, Steven Harris, Todd Spero, Maureen Lee, Judy Jean Berns, Sarah Miller

    #43 The Hipbone's Connected to the Thighbone

  • Mary struggles with medical school and chauvinistic professors.
  • Susan, Elizabeth, and Nancy try to teach Tommy to drive when Tom is reluctant to do it. Tommy is embarrassed to be seen with his teachers, Susan and Nancy. Finally, Tom teaches Tommy a lesson in driving.
  • Fed up with Mary's complaints about being unable to study at home, Tom gets her an apartment of her own for her to study for exams in medical school. She finally moves back home and the whole family coaches her.

    Original Air Date: Nov 1, 1978

    Guests: David Hurst, Stanley Clay, Michael Thoma, Lanny Duncan

    #44 Fast and Loose

  • David starts living dangerously after a close friend dies of a heart attack at a young age. The kids try to help and eventually David cleans up his act.
  • Nicholas tries to help by offering David a kitten from a litter of a stray cat he has taken in. He soon discovers that the cat is pregnant.

    Original Air Date: Nov 8, 1978

    Guests: Meridith Baer as Janet, John Lisbon Wood, Jean Howell, Conrad Bachmann, Gary Epp as Brian Marshall, Nancy Adrian, Roy Andrews, Bonnie Gondell, Robert Bralver

    #45 War Between the Bradfords

  • The male Bradfords refuse to attend a speech that Abby was selected to give.
  • War erupts between the Bradford men and women when the women feel they are not respected by the men.
  • Nancy gets a job pumping gas in a sexy uniform at a local filling station.

    Original Air Date: Nov 15, 1978

    Guests: ***Todd Susman***, ***Henry Polic II***, Bobby Sandler, ***Ted Jordan***, Robert Starr

    #46 All the Vice-President's Men

  • Abby's parents are flying in from Pasadena for Thanksgiving.
  • Nicholas is surprised when the Vice-President accepts his invitation to Thanksgiving dinner with the Bradfords. He picks the Bradfords as America's typical family.
  • Tommy puts a deposit on a used car.

    Original Air Date: Nov 22, 1978 (confirmed)

    Guests: ***Dennis Patrick***, Louise Latham, Sam Chew Jr., Bryan O'Byrne, Fredric Lehne, John Miranda as Honest John, Tom Henschel, Jed Mills, Patrick Gorman, Rene Levant

    #47 You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore, pt. 1

    NOTE: This originally aired as a two-hour episode. Part of it was filmed in San Diego.
  • The Bradford children plan a party for Tom and Abby's anniversary and Nicholas feels left out.
  • Tom and Abby unknowingly bid against each other for "A Chorus Line" tickets for their anniversary.
  • Nicholas accidently sets fire to his room, destroying the anniversary present Tommy was making for Tom and Abby.
  • Feeling like the family doesn't want him around any more, Nicholas runs away to find Sam in San Diego.

    Original Air Date: Nov 29, 1978 (confirmed, aired for two hours on ABC-TV)

    Guests: Jack Elam, Cliff Norton, Lucille Benson, Jennifer Darling as Donna, Michael Thoma, ***Ellen Travolta***, Gary Allen, Robert Caspar, Jean Le Bouvier, Robert Snively, ***Jeffrey Cotler*** as Irving J. Moore, Don Starr, Frank Di Elsi, Antoinette Stella, Eddie Bell, Helen Hughes

    NOTE: I mistakenly omitted the three guest stars above that come first on the above paragraph.

    #48 You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore, pt. 2

  • In San Diego, Nicholas is taken in by Joe Simons, an old con man and bum who was a friend of Sam's. He then performs his best scam trying to get Nicholas back to the Bradfords.
  • Believing that Nicholas is at a friend's house, the Bradfords work on repairing Tommy and Nicholas's room.
  • Tom and Abby discover that Nicholas is gone and search for him.

    Original Air Date: Nov 29, 1978 (confirmed)

    Guests: Grayce Spence, Gloria Le Roy, Larry Gelman as Officer Bernstein, Grace Gaynor, Al Coupee, Von Schauer, Chris Anthony, Angela Olcott, Phil Bowman, Manny Kleinmutz, Don Kennedy, D.J. Sullivan, D.J. Blail, Marion Strickler, Kay Elliot

    #49 Alone at Last

  • Tired of having no time to themselves, Tom and Abby conspire to get rid of the kids so they can spend the weekend alone. They send the kids camping for the weekend.
  • Susan brings a nine year old girl home from the day care center.
  • Tommy gets a date with a popular girl at school.

    Original Air Date: Dec 6, 1978

    Guests: Michelle Stacy as Lucy, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, Kristine de Bell as Melanie, Dan Monahan as Danny, Virginia Vincent as Daisy

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