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Season 5p2

Eight is Enough Season 5

Eight is Enough Season Five 1980 - 1981

Dates are mostly from memory, but can be off a week or two. Firstrun dates usually follow a pattern of Sep-Dec, then 2-week reruns in late Dec, then firstruns Jan-early Mar, reruns, then May firstruns. If you know of actual dates or have other stuff to add, please let me know By E-mail and I'll put them in. Thank you. One original episode aired in August 1977, though my memory is fuzzy in remembering the date.

NOTE:The season started late because of the Hollywood actors strike.

#102 David's Rib

  • Joannie involves David in the renovation of an old opera house. However, Janet is the legal counsel for the developer who wants to build low-income housing on the site.
  • Nicholas gets a horse from Joe Simons and Abby help him find a way to keep it.
  • Merle returns home from the New York Mets, but Susan is too tired from taking care of Sandra Sue to enjoy his visit.

    Original Air Date: Jan 28, 1981?

    Guests: Joan Prather as Janet, Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle, Ralph Macchio as Jeremy, Ivan Bonar as Professor Semenza, Ken Smolka as Animal Control Officer, Jack Griffin as teamster, Bob McClurg as cameraman, Hugo Valentino as waiter

    #103 Vows

  • Jeremy meets a new girlfriend at a Fred Astaire film festival.
  • Tom and Abby decide to renew their marriage vows on their 3rd anniversary and they agree to let the kids handle the arrangements.
  • David and Janet try to hide the fact that they have split up.

    Original Air Date: Feb 4, 1981?

    Guests: Joan Prather as Janet, Ralph Macchio as Jeremy, ***Kari Michaelsen*** as Lisa, Joe Ross as Irving Katzman, Shirley Freemond as Dr. Stein, Alice Nunn as Horace's wife, Kipp Lennon as Benson, Dermott Downs as friend #1, Brian Part as friend #2, William Callaway as Rev. Billy, John J. Fox as Horace, Tina Carlisi as Nola, Laura Saylor as Felicia

    #104 The Way We Were

  • Tommy and Ernie, back from college with a "preppy" look, run into Jill, Tommy's old girlfriend. When Jill picks Ernie over Tommy, David helps him realize that reliving the past is not the real world.
  • David moves into a singles-only apartment building.
  • Upset by Tom's refusal to give him money, Nicholas gets a job delivering a rival newspaper.

    Original Air Date: March 4, 1981 (according to Sandy)

    Guests: Ralph Macchio as Jeremy, Michael Goodrow as Ernie, ***Michele Greene*** as Jill, Peter Fox as Gordon, ***James Karen*** as Elliott Randolph, Gaye Kruger as Stephanie, Cindee Appleton as Ginger, Lanny Horn as Jeff the drummer, Bill McLean as condo manager, Kristin Larkin as Linda, Catherine Paolone as Debra, Steven Hirsch as night club manager

    #105 If the Glass Slipper Fits

  • Nancy's modeling career is about to take off but she needs to make an important decision as she later finds out she has to pose topless for a jeans ad.
  • Elizabeth is trying to attract Alan Anderson, who only sees her as a friend.
  • David hires Nicholas to find him a new apartment.

    Original Air Date: March 11, 1981 (the last time the series aired on Wednesdays at 8pm.)

    Guests: Ralph Macchio as Jeremy, Michael Shannon as Ben Catron, Steve Doubet as Alan Alderson, Pamela Norman as Valerie, Arlene Banas as Connie Langston, Patricia Carr Bosley as receptionist #1, Lisa Cori as librarian, Karen Fredrik as Maureen, Rick Rossovich as Fred, Charles Parks as apartment manager, Charlie Young as receptionist #2

    #106 The Best Little Telethon in Sacramento

  • Jeremy wants to manage Tommy's band and tries to get him a gig.
  • Joannie is chosen to organize a charity telethon and tries to get celebrities to appear on the show. She recruits the family to perform and Nicholas saves the day with his on-the-air speech and performance.
  • David gets a new roommate to save money on the rent.

    Original Air Date: March 28, 1981 (corrected date, the second week the series moved to Saturday nights when ABC replaced their old Wed 8pm time slot with "Greatest American Hero" on March 18).

    Music: "What Are We Gonna Do?" by Willie Aames and Jeff S. Gibson, "Travelers on a Star" by Betty Buckley and Ken Collins, "Blind Fool" by Grant Goodeve, "Take a Chance With Me" by Jeff S. Gibson

    Guests: Ralph Macchio as Jeremy, ***Margaret Ladd*** as Carolyn, Jeff Maxwell as Corry Terrel, Michael Griswold as Mr. Koppel, Bea Silvern as Mother, Susan Brecht as Kathy Dworsky, Jeff Gibson as band member #3

    #107 Yet Another Seven Days in February

  • This year it's the boys' turn to meet new women. Tommy dates the daughter of a radio station owner in order to get his band some air time.
  • Jeremy runs himself ragged trying to keep up with a beautiful sports athelete.
  • David dates an older woman, Tommy's date's divorced mother.

    Original Air Date: April 4, 1981 (would been Feb but the actor's strike messed up every thing including the suggested dates of the airings of this show)

    Guests: Ralph Macchio as Jeremy, ***Heather Locklear*** as Ingrid, Patty Dworkin as Henrietta Hall (Tommy's date), ***Diane McBain*** as Mrs. Hall (David's date), ***Jim McKrell*** as Mr. Hall, Frank Koppala as Band Member #1, Sarah Miller as woman, Sunja Svensen as receptionist, David Burke as band member #2, Jeff Gibson as band member #3, Roger Etienne as Maitre D', Claudio Martinez as busboy, John Yates as instructor Nick, Phillip Williamson as gentleman, Tom Rayhall as man.

    #108 Idolbreaker, pt. 1

  • Just as Tommy's career is about to take off, his old girlfriend returns to tell Tommy she is pregnant after it is announced that his band has been booked for a national tour.
  • Nicholas wins a girl's heart by standing up to a bully.
  • Mary, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Joannie adopt a bum named Max, and bring him home for dinner.

    Original Air Date: April 11, 1981

    Guests: Ralph Macchio as Jeremy, Larry Hankin as Max, Milt Oberman as Tim Nides, Tarah Nutter as Ellen, Malcolm Groome as counselor, Lanny Horn as Band Member #1, Shaun Sperling as Robin, Dudley Knight as anchorman, David Burke as Band Member #2, Jeff Gibson as Band Member #3, Jim Calvert as Craig West, Marion Scherer as Waitress, Bruce Reasman as fan in nightclub, Michael Blakley as assistant director, James Francis as Gilmer

    #109 Idolbreaker, pt. 2

  • Ellen tells Tommy that she doesn't want to marry him and Tommy isn't sure what he wants to do. At the last minute, they both realize it is not the right thing to do.
  • Joannie is jealous when the station hires a female anchor.
  • Jeremy drops hints about his upcoming birthday. Nicholas plans a surprise birthday for Jeremy.

    Original Air Date: April 18, 1981

    Guests: ***Laura Johnson*** as Melanie, ***Bonnie Bartlett*** as Mrs. Gregory, Michael Griswold as Mr. Koppel, David Haskell as Curtis Watkins, Tarah Nutter as Ellen, Barry Pearl as Bruce, David Boyle as Minister, Tom Charvat as copyboy Gerald, Michael Blakley as director, Fred McGrath as officer worker #2, Adam Taylor as office worker #3

    #110 Starting Over

  • Jeremy is suspicious when he finds a skull while digging in the garden.
  • David and Janet consider getting back together.
  • Nicholas assumes he's a shoo-in for the basketball team when Elizabeth dates the coach.

    Original Air Date: May 9, 1981 (99% sure)

    Guests: Ralph Macchio as Jeremy, Dane Witherspoon as Rick, ***Don Matheson*** as Ross, ***Joel Brooks*** as Bennett, Ivan Naranjo as Chief Sun Bear, Larry Gelman as Officer Bernstein, Don Dubbins as Allen, Morgan Hart as Dana, Roger Etienne as Maitre D', Jimmy Gatherum as Hobbs, Bill Calvert as Stosik

    #111 Goals

  • Merle suffers a career-ending shoulder injury and doesn't know what to do if he can't play baseball. Merle comes upon Nicholas and his friends playing ball. He is offered a job of assistant coach of the High School team.
  • One of Mary's patients falls in love with her and won't leave her alone.
  • Eager to earn more money, Jeremy gets a job convincing people to try experimental products.

    Original Air Date: May 16, 1981 (99% sure)

    Guests: Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle, Ralph Macchio as Jeremy, David Landsberg as Dennis Wilcox, Ralph Strait as Uncle Sid, Darrell Larson as Dan Mulford, William Edward Phipps as Eddie Gravitz, Joshua Bryant as Walt Liebowitz, Helen Verbit as Mrs. Wilcox, Sands Hall as Barbara, Mickey Cherney as Stan Mattox, Zachary Spoon as singing telegram guy, John Kirby as delivery boy, Barry Bartle as maitre d, Lucas Dudley as Leibowitz, Stacy Sipes as Doris Wilcox, Esa Lewis as Laurie

    #112 Father Knows Best?

  • Finally ready to be a father, Jeremy's father returns for a visit and wants to take him back to Los Angeles.
  • David relives old memories when four of his old high school buddies return to Sacramento for their 10 year high school reunion.
  • Tom and Abby fight with Jeremy's dad for custody of Jeremy.

    Original Air Date: May 23, 1981 (99% sure)

    Guests: Ralph Macchio as Jeremy, George Ralph Dicenzo as Mr. Andretti, ***Michael Talbott*** as Ozzie, Gordon Metcalfe as Johnski, Paul Comi as superintendant, Charlotte Stewart as Ann Cavalusi, Jay Lomack as Ralph, Richard Chaves as Bobo, Sean Allan as Wheezer

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