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In2TV Bringing Back "Eight is Enough?" (Nov 15, 2005)

I'm not sure if and when that will happen, but in a way to bring back some of those good old reruns of the 70s that I grew up with (Buddy Blue's negative criticism notwithstanding), a new kind of technology could make this possible.

It has been a number of years since classic shows like "Welcome Back Kotter" and "Wonder Woman" first became staples of broadcast television, but a new initiative from AOL and Warner Brothers plans to re-introduce these and other shows to audiences old and new through a network of Web streams.

From Media Daily News: "America Online and Warner Bros. today will announce an ambitious initiative to make scores of old WB programs available on demand on the Web. Streams of the programs will be available for free to all online users.

"AOL will launch the service, dubbed In2TV, in January with at least 40 old shows, ranging from the campy 'Wonder Woman' to the cult favorite 'Babylon 5,' to the family drama 'Eight is Enough.' AOL plans to rollout around 60 additional programs throughout the year...

"In2TV will include six channels ù comedy, drama, animation, superheroes/villains, action, and classics ù and each will carry different shows... Only a handful of the programs are available in some form on DVD... For instance, Warner Bros. put out a "Welcome Back Kotter" [pictured left] DVD, but it contained just six episodes out of 95...

Maybe someday we'll get old reruns of "Quark" and "The Charmings" this way.

Read more about AOL's "In2TV" network, and how TV show downloads are breathing new life into to a growing niche market, in today's issue of "RAIN: Radio And Internet Newsletter."

Read It Here!

Eight is Enough On Chicago TV (Sep 30, 2005)

Sent in by Jon Snow:

GOOD NEWS FOR EIE Fans in Chicago!

This is where I wish I lived back in Chicago. WCIU-TV Channel 26's Digital channel, also known as WWME-TV 23 "ME-TV" started airing epiodes from the classic series September 12th. EIE airs at 2PM Weekdays and Saturdays @ 3PM.

This is the third go around for Eight Is Enough in Chicago syndication, the previous stations that aired EIE were WMAQ-NBC5 and WPWR-TV, Channel 50.

Willie Aames On Celebrity Fit Club (Summer 2005)

This past July and August, Willie Aames (Tommy) was featured in the second season of the VH1 reality series "Celebrity Fit Club."

The program features celebrities of different careers fighting the flab on a mission to be slim.

Dick Van Patten TV Sightings (2005)

Source: imdb.com: "TV Land's Top Ten" playing "Himself" in episode: "Greatest TV Romances" (episode # 1.9) 8 June 2005

"Arrested Development" playing "Cal Cullen" in episode: "Spring Breakout" (episode # 2.17) 10 April 2005

Betty Buckley (2005)

I gotta get this EiE guest appearrance database going. Anyway, Betty Buckey (Abby 1977-81) has been seen on the TV show "Breakfast of the Arts" in April of 2005. She was also a regular in a pay-TV series "Oz" where she played Suzanne Fitzgerald. More at imdb.com

Eight is Enough on TV Land (June 2, 2005)

Jon Snow passes along this TV Land alert for Eight is Enough fans in the U.S. Reruns of the TV show haven't been seen in the U.S. since July 2001 when PAX pulled the series off its broadcast network (yes, PAX is a broadcast network and is on some cities such as channel 30 in Los Angeles, but maybe not for long, which is another story and website).

TV Land plans to show two episodes and a movie on their upcoming schedule:

June 11th at 9PM EDT "Trial Marriage", followed at 10PM EDT "An Eight Is Enough Wedding"

June 12th at 7PM EDT "The Return of Auntie V"

I don't know if or when they plan to show future episodes, but I'm guessing a good response to the showings via letters and email couldn't hurt.


Sarah's New Band (June 2, 2005)

Sarah Vox, the daughter of Susan Richardson, has her own band called The Mulhollands. She's the lead singer, along with Jeremy James on guitar, Jeffrey on guitar, and Jeff on bass.

Check out the band's four sample songs at this link:


The band's influences include many of the punk and new wave rock bands of the 70s-80s such as The Ramones, Joan Jett, The Clash, and Blondie, plus several of the rock bands from 90s to today such as Queens of the Stone Age and Food Fighters

Eight is Enough Exposed on "Friends" Finale (May 6, 2004)

Monica and Chandler's adopted twin babies were born on the series finale of "Friends." While the couple was expecting one baby, the birth mother gave birth to two instead, shocking the couple. When Chandler suggested that they give the other twin baby for adoption, Monica argues with Chandler with he saying, "We're not ready to have two babies," Monica argues back "That doesn't matter...I don't care it it's two babies. I don't care if it's three babies. I don't care if the entire cast of Eight is Enough comes out of there!"

Adam Rich to Pose for Playgirl (May 2004)

Adam Rich, former co-star of TV's "Eight is Enough", has been scheduled to pose for Playgirl Magazine's September issue.

Adam Rich played precocious cherub "Nicholas Bradford" on Eight is Enough on ABC from 1977-81. His only other starring role was in the short-lived series Code Red (1981). He has had bouts with the law several times between 1983-91, getting arrested for drugs, shoplifting, and breaking and entering. In April 1991, Adam was arrested after breaking a pharmacy window in an attempt to steal drugs. His TV dad, Dick Van Patten, had to post bail to get him out of the crowbar hotel.

Rich will be featured as Playgirl's 'Man of the Month', although no information has been give whether or not these photos will contain frontal nudity.

Latest News Feb 2004

Brain Patrick Clarke has finished a film in late November of 2003 titled "Tournament of Dreams," starring a cast that includes Debbie Allen ("Fame"), and Tony Todd, John Daly as the executive producer, and in conjunction with the production of "Miracle Entertainment."

Clarke also did a recent guest spot as the "victim" on "CSI: Miami" (date of airing not known) starring David Caruso. The late January shooting included the most extensive make-up job he has have ever had according to Clarke (nearly 3 hours to create an unbelievably "death-like" autopsy look, he states) and his first time ever being "buried alive."

Cary Clarke's band has a new band website called http://www.atduskmusic.com. As noted on the "tour" link (found under "Shows") they have just completed their first, "mini-tour" of the Oregon/Washington area and are very pleased with the reception they garnered. Cary received a terrific "formal education"; he is an '02 Yale alum, who graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, and won the Russian Department prize as outstanding scholar.

'Eight Is Enough' Actor Out As 'Bibleman' (Jan 2004)

A California pastor will replace "Eight Is Enough" television actor Willie Aames as the next "Bibleman," a comic book-style action hero who quotes Scripture to children in a touring ministry.

Aames is stepping down after eight years (it figures, get it?) in the role to spend more time with his family.

Robert T. Schlipp will assume the role next spring. He'll be joined by his wife, Anayansi Schlipp, who will portray Biblegirl.

It can take Schlipp an hour to struggle into his 32-pound plastic and spandex costume, which includes a belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation and sword of the spirit.

"Everything Bibleman wears has a meaning," said Schlipp, 28, though he acknowledges "it's hard to take someone seriously when they're wearing spandex."

On the Net: http://www.bibleman.com/.

Latest News 2003

Brian Patrick Clarke appearrs in Exorcism the Movie from 2003.

Also see Cary Clarke (Brian's son) has his own band At Dusk. You can, legally and freely, download some mp3's at this site! Cary is lead guitar and, on most songs, lead vocalist. Thanks to Brian for his son's band link.

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